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language preservation

it is becoming more and more difficult to preserve and maintain the Hawaiian language. What is the best way to preserve the language and what are Hawaiians doing these days to preserve the language? Here is a link that shows a comitte at UH.

This past June I went to Hawaii for a graduation trip and on the plane ride there I sat next to this native Hawaiian lady who looked like Lucy from 50 First Dates. This lady told me how the youths of Hawaii are introduced to the native Hawaiian language first and the English language second, as a means to help preserve the Hawaiian culture and language. Talking to this lady definitely helped me to see on a closer level the importance of this issue.

Posted by Linda Moreno

I think the preservation of language should be up to the individual. One possible way to preserve language/culture is to create schools that specialize in language. My coworker whom is 52 and born and raised in Hawaii still has a hawaiian accent, I think that is his own efforts to preserve his heritage.
- Chris C.

The hawaiian accent is "pigeon talk" , majority of the people from Hawaii have that style of talking, but it does not necessarily mean that know the Hawaiian language.

The youth in Hawaii will never succeed on the Mainland because of the way they present themselves. They speak broken English which is not proper in the business world. What is really sad is how local kid's writings mirror their speech.


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